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Different ways to work wood into the home

Created: 21/04/2016

Wood is a fantastic and very versatile product to work with and is a great addition to any space in the home. From bespoke and antique furniture pieces, to made-to-measure custom wardrobes and fittings, the material provides a natural feel that works well in all environments. Here is our guide on the different ways to work wood into your home.




Upcycling furniture

Image Credit: Alex Rio Brazil (Wikimedia Commons)


One of the top DIY and home interior trends of 2016 is making use of products such as industrial wood pallets and upcycling old, worn pieces of wood furniture. There are so many ideas that come out of upcycling, for example, recycling and creating wooden chairs or benches for the garden or a freestanding bookcase made from the panelling of several pallets.


Upcycling is a great way to give haggard and tired-looking furniture a bit of TLC. For example, sand down a chest of drawers and give it a lick of white paint for a vintage look. This way you save time and money investing in a brand new product and also create your own personal stamp on the piece.


Faux wood beams 


Faux wood beams


Image Credit: Oakmasters


For those who would like more of a traditional feel to their property, investing in faux wood ceiling beams adds a sense of character without having to move home. Artificial beams are more suitable for decorative purposes than real oak beams, but are still very much a great investment if you need to cover exposed pipework or lighting cables.


There are many companies such as Oakmasters who supply faux wood beams and covers in different materials such as oak and timber. Made to measure, your local handyman service will be able to fit your faux wood beams safely and affordably.


Kat Hamilton from Oakmasters recommends oak as a timeless material that adds warmth and character to traditional, but also contemporary homes. Kat added: “Oak can be used structurally to create a full frame for a house, or to support the roof, allowing for wow factors such as vaulted ceilings.


“Oak can be used cosmetically to create a look to disguise unsightly features such as steel beams and pipework, or to create beautiful doorways. Oak cladding is a more economical way of achieving that oak frame look.”


Solid wood doors


solid wood doors


Image Credit: Toby Golding (


Although replacing your old interior doors can be quite costly, there is nothing quite like solid wood doors throughout the home. Durable and resilient to everyday and family life, investing in products such as these will benefit you and the home in the long run, and are a lovely finishing touch to a decorating project. With the additional option of glazed interior oak doors, you are able to let even more light into the room for less.




wood flooring


Not only is real wood flooring a fantastic, timeless look in any home, but it is also a very practical one as it is easier to clean than carpets and is the perfect product to use if looking to invest in underfloor heating in the future. Available in warm and cool tones to fit the surrounding character, real wood flooring creates a perfect base for any interior colour.






Simple wood storage solutions such as home office stationary holders, shoe racks and woven wicker baskets offer a practical and visual delight. Vintage style storage solutions such as those at Vincent and Barn add a quirky yet eclectic charm. However, if you want to pay a little more for a bigger storage idea, converting the space under your stairs to individual wood shelving and boxed storage is an artistic way to keep all of your clutter in one space.






If you are looking for more subtle ways to enjoy the effect of wood within the home, small accessories such as chopping boards, side coffee tables and mirrors work very well. It is a good idea to spend a decent amount of time researching the best products for your money, especially if you are styling your home from scratch. Bespoke and artisan furniture and accessory manufacturers will work with you to create a unique idea to fit with your new or existing signature style.  


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