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Creative ways to transform your child's playroom

Created: 17/06/2019

With the school summer holidays fast approaching, it’s a good time to start thinking of ways to keep your kids entertained all summer long. However, it’s not every day that the sun is shining, and you can take them on long days out, which is when having a space at home that keeps them entertained is useful. Whether you have a separate playroom you want to decorate, or you just want to add a bit of fun to your child’s bedroom, read on to discover our easy and creative ways to transform the space.

Choose a fun theme

Children's playroom

Create a room that’s perfectly suited to your little one’s interests by decorating the playroom according to a theme. Whether it’s football, ballet, the jungle or the ocean, a theme will not only bring a smile to their face, it’ll also tie the room together. Firstly, choose a colour to paint the walls that sticks to the theme; the brighter the better as colourful walls will also boost your kid’s creativity. Choosing a theme also presents many opportunities to get your kid involved in arts and crafts, have them help with painting the walls or creating decorations. Read on to find out some of our favourite themes children will love.

The jungle

Colourful parrot in a jungle

Help your child release their inner explorer and create a rainforest or jungle theme in their room. Begin by choosing a colour scheme of green, brown and khaki for the walls and décor, our top tip is to hang camouflage netting from the ceiling on one of the walls, which you can find at a cheap price online. You could also add a green fluffy rug to the floor, and this will act as the ‘grass’ of the jungle. To get your kid involved with the decorations, have them paint leaves onto coloured card, which you can then cut out, hole punch, and hang from the ceiling on a string to have some jungle-themed bunting! You could also find a hammock to hang in the corner of the room to place cuddly toy monkeys and other jungle animals on display.

Football Fanatic

If your child is a lover of football then choose the sport as the theme, or the colours of their favourite team. You can find football themed décor including football shaped rugs, lamps and posters in most high street homeware stores. We recommend painting one of the walls green and using a thin paintbrush to map out the white lines of a football field. If you want help, or don’t have the time to repaint a room, you can easily hire handyman services to make sure the room is decorated to a high standard.

Under the sea

Creating an ocean themed room is great for kids who may love surfing, going to the beach, mermaids, pirates and more. It is also the best theme to choose if you prefer the room to look bright and airy. Start by painting the room a light blue colour, you could even have the bottom of the wall painted to look like seaweed. Our tip for this theme is to store your child’s toys away in a wooden hamper that looks like a giant treasure chest.

We asked Amy from Lanham Creations, a family DIY blog, about her decorating tips: “I just recently decorated my daughter’s bedroom with a cute ocean theme, it’s fun and creative.” Amy used wooden signs with nautical themed paintings on them. Including an anchor and the wheel of a pirate ship. She also hung netting from the wardrobe, adding a bit of a shipwrecked theme.

Create an art gallery

Child colouring in with crayons

If your kid likes drawing, painting or colouring then create space on one of the walls for an art gallery. Add a large pinboard that you can use to display your child’s artwork creations, not only will your child feel proud to see their work up on the wall, this also creates a homely interior.

We asked Amy from Everything Mummy, a parenting blog, to reveal her top tip for decorating her children’s room: “I think using the children’s own artwork is one of the best ways! Create an art gallery wall by either buying some plan canvas and giving the little artists a paint brush or framing their masterpieces and hanging them on a wall.”

Add a chalkboard wall

Chalkboard with speech bubble and lightbulb

Forget wallpaper, add a chalkboard wall to the room and let your child create their own patterns and shape on the walls. This is not only fun for the kids, but the board can also be handy when helping your child learn things such as the alphabet, time and maths.

Amy from Lanham Creations continues: “From experience, I would have to say that children love chalkboards. You can make a cool magnetic chalkboard wall filled with magnetic letters. We also have a handmade water table that the kids love”

The perfect den

Pile of children's books

A favourite pastime of children is to create secret dens. To prevent the kids from turning over your living room sofa, we recommend adding a Teepee into their new playroom. Add blankets, cushions and even fairy lights inside and it’ll become the perfect spot for them to have an afternoon nap or read. Alternatively, choose a corner of the room and section it off using a small bookcase. In the corner add a bean bag, a rug and cushions and this will be their little ‘quiet corner’ where they can grab their favourite book and relax.

Smart storage and furniture

With all the children’s toys and books, playrooms can become messy very quickly. It’s important to use storage that utilises the space to its best potential, whether that means adding a floor to ceiling shelving unit or baskets around the room. You can have a handyman come in to install smart storage into the room, which will make it easier for keeping the floor clean and tidy. If you decide to use baskets you can find some that match the theme and for cuddly toys, blankets and other soft items you could add a swing shelf to hang from the ceiling.



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