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Creative decorating ideas for your interior walls

Created: 13/05/2016

The way in which you choose to decorate your interior walls can reflect your personality, as an individual and also a family. Taking the time to research and find creative décor ideas can add character to the home whilst making the decorating process fun and enjoyable. Here at Handywork Solutions, we have some great tips on how you can create unique and intriguing wall décor designs worth every penny.


Blackboard Paint


Blackboard Paint


Image Credit: Smarter Surfaces  


Decorating ideas such as blackboard paint bring a fun and playful environment into any home, both for the kids and the adults. Blackboard paint such as that from Smarter Surfaces allows you to create a blackboard area with a durable matt black finish on any wall. It can be applied to any smooth non-porous surface, including drywall, wood, plaster and metal, and has no smell or fumes.


Barbara Piatkowska, project manager at Smarter Surfaces, explains: “Blackboard paint is a fun and easy way to create spaces for noticeboards, calendars, menus and much more. Hard-wearing and easy to clean, simply paint on, wait for four hours, rub all over with a piece of chalk and start using your blackboard surface.”


Old Book pages


creative decorating ideas


Many turn to symmetrical and colourful wallpaper when it comes to refreshing outdated wall décor. However, with this unique and somewhat educated idea, you won’t feel the need to redecorate again for years to come. Using old book pages from copies of your favourite novels, fiction writing and dictionary descriptions can open up a whole world of exciting interior wall decorating ideas. So go and get creative with memorable childhood favourites or classic poems!


Metallic Wallpaper 


magnetic wallpaper


Image Credit: Rockett St George


For something a little more eye-popping yet sophisticated, this black metallic marble wallpaper from Rockett St George is a great alternative to one statment colour or print!


Co-founder and Director at Rockett St George, Jane Rockett, explains: “It is a really exciting time for wallpaper, never has there been such a diverse selection of beautiful designs bringing what is sometimes seen as a dated decorating tool to the forefront of interior design.”


Jane added: "Our particular favourites right now is the dazzling Black Metallic Marble with intricate shimmering gold veins. It's so luxurious yet very glam rock - it has such a unique wow factor! We are also loving the Black Burnt Wood style. We've used this in our SS16 catalogue as it's the perfect backdrop for framing all your furniture, everything becomes so striking."


Natural cork tiles


natural cork tiles


If you are looking to introduce a natural feel into your home, natural cork tiles could be the wall decorating idea for you. Sometimes oak and timber panelling and framing can be quite expensive, but using cork tiles is an engaging and slightly cheaper alternative to the more common backdrop. Siesta Cork has a wide range of colours, textures and marbling effects when it comes to cork tiles, both for walls and floors.





Decorative mirrors can add wonders to any wall space, creating the illusion of space and light. If you are looking for something to add to a blank white or neutral wall, but don’t want the fuss of painting and decorating, then having the help of a local handyman service to hang large mirrors professionally and safely is a creative idea to consider.





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