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Cost-saving kitchen decorating ideas for the New Year

Created: 03/01/2018

2018 spelt in sparklers

The New Year is a time for looking forward and making resolutions to improve whatever area of our lives we feel could do with a little boost. It may not be the most traditional of resolutions, but one way in which we can make 2018 a year to remember is by getting our house in order – quite literally!

It is no secret that life is much more enjoyable when our living space is attractive and comfortable. That’s why we have taken the time to speak to Cassiefairy, a lifestyle blogger who has a passion for making her home beautiful at a minimum of expense. Here’s what Cassie had to say about her plans for decorating her kitchen (and a couple of other corners of her house) in 2018; we hope it will give you a few inspirational ideas!

“My New Year’s resolution for my home is to crack on with the renovations. The kitchen of our 1950s house needs an overhaul but the cost of fitting an entirely new kitchen soon adds up, which has put me off starting the project for nearly a year now! I'm therefore planning to save money (and time) by painting the cupboard doors and switching the worktop for a much lighter, brighter surface. 

Modern ktichen

“Keeping the layout the same means I don't need to buy new units or flooring, so the makeover should be completed fairly swiftly. I'll be charting progress of this project on my blog, along with my decorating project to spruce up the staircase and turn our hallway into a gallery wall. Well, that's the plan anyway!”

Man decorating on ladder

However big or small you decide you want your New Year’s redecorating project to be, of course, is entirely up to you. One thing that you will have to be sure of whatever the size of the job, though, is that it is completed to a professional standard.

If you live in or around the capital, the best way to do this is by employing the expertise of a South London handyman service company, whose experience in completing all kinds of makeovers – from minor cosmetic work to major redevelopments – will ensure that you do not spend the rest of the year trying to get your house looking how it used to before you started your DIY project!

Image Credits: NordWood Themes, H E N G S T R E A M, Emily May

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