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Company Builds Largest Doomsday Shelter

Created: 06/01/2017

There is always something to prepare for, and in uncertain times such as these with foreign wars, comets spotted hurtling towards the planet, and earth grown natural disasters, perhaps preparing for the worst might not be a bad idea – you know, in your head… But never mind that, a company in America has really gone above and beyond by creating the largest Doomsday shelter in the world.

Almost like something from a far flung apocalypse movie or something that might come in handy during a zombie outbreak, this US firm is rather cleverly tapping into world ending fears with their series of private bunkers. And they aren’t half bad. Something of this importance absolutely needs a professional touch,

The company is called Vivos and their xPoint super bunker is no quaint affair -- it has enough room for 5,000 people.  There are 575 of these shelters spread over nine square miles and they are built to withstand a 500,000 pound explosion. These guys are not messing around. 

Doomsday Bunker

Made up of concrete and steel, the bunkers are 26 feet wide and 80 feet long. Not bad for the end of the world. The bunkers contain separate eating, living and sleeping quarters, and considering they fetch for $25,000 per person, only the serious survivor need apply.

Of course all you DIY lovers out there could just go it alone. Either gather up your favourite tools or perhaps for the bigger job of ensuring your future survival, employ the services of a handyman. Really, in the end, what do you really need? Well, quite a lot actually.

From carrying out plumbing maintenance, installing boilers for those cold nuclear winter months, to laying down some wood flooring or installing a cabinet or two, a professional is actually pretty essential in this regard.

You may be in your shelter for a while, and with help from Handywork Solutions, you can ensure that you will be able to withstand the end of the world in complete comfort.

Although, perhaps withstanding the apocalypse is a job for a professional, and if you’ve got a spare $25k lying around, maybe give Vivos a shout. These guys have the room.


Image Credit: Scott Wylie    Bill Clark


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