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Choosing the right paint for your home makeover

Created: 05/02/2018

Graham & Brown - 'Penelope', £32 per 2.5L Durable Matt / £36 per 2.5L Resistance

‘Penelope’ paint (Graham & Brown, £32 per 2.5L Durable Matt / £36 per 2.5L Resistance)

With the New Year upon us, the urge to rejuvenate our homes and give our living space a fresh look is definitely growing. Whilst significant structural work can take several weeks or even months to complete – not to mention requiring a significant cash investment – more cosmetic changes such as repainting one or more rooms is a relatively quick process which can nevertheless make all the difference to how your home looks and how you feel about it.

We have spoken to some of the UK’s most prestigious paint manufacturers to get their views on what products to use if you have decided that your house needs refreshing but are not yet sure how to proceed. With their help, you can be sure that your home’s new look will be one you want to keep for many years to come.

Oricalcum linseed paint

Oricalcum - Paint tins

The first company we spoke to was Oricalcum, who are specialist manufacturers of linseed paint, which is regarded as one of the most durable, weatherproof and cost-effective products out there. Michiel Brouns, founder of Oricalcum, shared some of the great reasons why DIY enthusiasts – particularly those who want to revamp their property’s exterior – should consider investing in a tin or two:

Long lasting

“Linseed paint is steeped in history; traditionally used to colour and protect Swedish houses. Original coats of linseed paint still survive on these houses, which are well over 500 years old”.

Stops rot

“Linseed paint not only acts as a protective film over its surface, it cleverly transforms a two-way transfer of humidity to stop moisture from becoming trapped under the surface of the paint, therefore combatting rot and decay”.


“One tin of linseed paint will cover anything from 15-22m² per litre. In comparison, that’s one litre of linseed paint to 2.5 litres of conventional paint. And because it doesn’t require multiple coats, linseed paint works out even cheaper.”


“Basically, [linseed paint is] flax seeds pressed to make raw linseed oil which is then boiled. The only material added is natural powdered pigments to produce a varied colour palette”.

Oricalcum - Painted wood

And much more…

On top of this, there are many further reasons why you should consider purchasing Oricalcum if you are looking for a paint which will truly stand the test of time.

- As mentioned above, linseed paint does not require multiple coats, meaning that – as well as saving money – using it will also save you a great deal of time on your next redecorating project.

- Oricalcum is also extremely versatile. Whether you want to paint a garden fence, an iron gate or a kitchen cupboard, this ‘one-size-fits-all’ product will do the job efficiently and effectively, inside and out.

- Importantly, the lack of unnatural solvents, binders and emulsifiers in Oricalcum means that you will not have to put up with the overpowering smell which usually accompanies re-painting your home.

- If the sun is shining, your coat of linseed paint will dry in less than 24 hours outside. If your paintwork is internal, a well-directed UV light will speed up the process even further.

- Obviously, probably the main reason we decorate is to get our home looking more attractive. Fortunately, Oricalcum also understands the importance of making their products visually appealing, which is why their linseed paint boasts an impressive range of rich, deep colours – many of which are not often available as exterior paint. Furthermore, the experts at Oricalcum are able to custom-create any shade of paint you desire if you have seen a less durable example of a colour you like elsewhere.

- Another enviable property of Oricalcum is its ability to combat the mould growth which often damages the texture and appearance of new paint. The zinc white oxide which is in every tin of Oricalcum ensures that no additional anti-mould product needs to be added following the initial application.


Telephone: 01423 500694

Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball - Pitch Blue and Calke Green

‘Pitch blue’ and ‘Calke green’ paint (Farrow & Ball, various prices)

Of course, there are plenty of other options out there for those wishing to stay on top of the very latest seasonal decorating trends and tailor their makeovers accordingly.

Surely the best place for the style-conscious consumer to go remains Farrow & Ball, the Dorset-based paint and wallpaper experts, who, since 1946, have been creating colours and patterns which are as popular and accessible as they are bold and distinctive. 

Farrow & Ball - 13113 Tented Stripe

‘Tented stripe ST 13113’ wallpaper (Farrow & Ball, £64 per roll)

As is the case every season, Farrow & Ball have plenty of fresh ideas on how to ensure your home is looking its best in spring 2018. Interestingly, their latest palette advice encourages using a combination of two distinct but complementary colours – Pitch Blue and Calke Green – within your living space. Joa Studholme, Farrow & Ball’s international colour consultant, has more detailed guidance:

“The slightly more sober Calke Green can be used on the bottom half of walls and across the trim, while vital Pitch Blue is brushed onto upper walls – and even the ceiling – for an intense yet perfectly balanced combination that should not be taken too seriously, to create rooms that are filled with fun and optimism – a room that will make you smile”.

Farrow & Ball - BP 5606 and Pitch Blue skirting

‘Helleborus BP 5606’ wallpaper (Farrow & Ball, £115 per roll)

As well as being available as paints, Farrow & Ball’s two recommended colours for the upcoming season are also incorporated into some fantastic new wallpaper designs. Pitch Blue features in Tented Stripe ST 13113 (which was actually based on the Duke of Wellington’s campaign tent), whilst Calke Green can be found in the botanical-inspired Helleborus BP 5606.

If this has awoken your inner design guru, be sure to follow Farrow & Ball’s Facebook and Twitter accounts so that you never miss out on the latest developments in paint and wallpaper fashion again!


Telephone: 01202 876141

Graham & Brown

Finally, we spoke with another cutting-edge wallpaper and paint specialist, Graham & Brown, to get their thoughts on which colours you should look out for if you are hoping to redecorate in 2018.

Enjoy the images of Graham & Brown’s Colour and Wallpaper of the Year below:

Graham & Brown - 'Penelope', £32 per 2.5L Durable Matt / £36 per 2.5L Resistance

‘Penelope’ paint (Graham & Brown, £32 per 2.5L Durable Matt / £36 per 2.5L Resistance)

Graham & Brown - 'Pierre', £40 per roll

‘Pierre’ wallpaper (Graham & Brown, £40 per roll)

Graham & Brown - 'Pierre', £40 per roll

‘Pierre’ wallpaper (Graham & Brown, £40 per roll)

Here’s what Paula Taylor, Colour and Trend Expert at Graham & Brown, had to say about why the above palette should be considered as part of your next home improvement project: “This comforting, blush colour palette works to create a warm spring feeling in your home. Chic and neutral, it can standalone or work perfectly when combined with the flowering pink magnolias seen in the Pierre wallpaper”.


Telephone: 0808 168 3295

Painting wall

And there you have it! From outside to inside, from bold to subtle and from decorative to durable, you can see that there are plenty of first-rate options out there for those hoping to add some vitality to their home this year.

We hope you have been inspired by the suggestions above. Don’t forget that you can always call on the services of a handyman to apply the paint for you if you are not the most confident at completing this tricky job without making a mess!

Image Credit: D Coetzee

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