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Cheap and effective ways to protect pipes from freezing over

Created: 15/01/2016

Although the UK has been hit by abnormally mild weather this winter, those choosing not to heat their homes to save the pounds following an expensive festive period could be worse off when it comes to frozen pipes and plumbing. Here are a few affordable tips to prevent your pipes from freezing over.


Insulate pipes

One cheap and effective way of keeping the water running through the plumbing is to buy foam insulation, a material which is easy get hold of in hardware stores and is easy to place on top of pipes to keep insulated. The areas around the home that are more prone to frozen pipes are external walls, lofts and unheated rooms, so be sure to cover those.


Disconnect outside hoses

The water which remains in the hose after use can freeze, which can continue to run back into the spigot until it reaches the pipes inside the home. This can cause pipes to burst, so remember to disconnect all outdoor hoses after use.


Open cupboard doors

Probably the simplest trick in the book! Make sure warm air from the house can circulate under the sink by keeping the cupboard door open. This also goes for the rest of the house, so keep all doors slightly open around the house to guarantee warm air to the plumbing all the way through.


Turning the stop cock off

The stop cock is a valve for turning off and on the cold water system in your home and is normally situated under the kitchen sink. To prevent pipes from freezing whilst you are away for long periods of time, turn the stop cock off, this will stop the flow of cold water through the plumbing that could otherwise freeze the pipes.  If you have guests looking after your house/flat, make sure they know the location of the valve.


Hopefully these cheap and effective ways of preventing frozen pipes will leave you sitting comfortably this winter. But if you find yourself stuck in a rut, be sure to get in touch with professional and reliable handyman services who are able to fix them!


Image Credit: greyerbaby (Morguefile)

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