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Brits spend £36k on decorating in their lifetime

Created: 09/11/2016

Redecorating the home is something that we Brits take very seriously, as a new study has revealed that as a nation, we spend on average £36,000 on redecorating over our lifetimes. 


The study, conducted by Anglian Home Improvements, found that we will redecorate 36 times, which is an average of £1,000 on each redecoration, with the average time for an improvement taking 18 days.

According to the survey, bathrooms and living rooms are top of the list for rooms in need of a makeover with 33% of respondents putting them ahead of the kitchen (32%) and their master bedroom (25%).

For those of you who do not have 18 days to spare, the best option is to use a local handyman service to help do the work.

At Handywork Solutions, we have put together a list of redecorating projects that you can get your handyman in to do.

Wood flooring

A lot of people overlook wooden flooring, but there are a lot of benefits to it. Wood floors are much easier to clean than carpets; spilling a glass of wine or muddy paw-prints on carpet is a disaster, but you simply need to brush or whip down the wooden flooring.

Get a handyman to put in some wooden flooring

They are also much more hygienic as unlike carpet it doesn’t catch dust mites, fleas, dust or dirt, which can all play havoc with anyone suffering from allergies.


Possibly the most popular redecorating project, painting is actually a deceivingly difficult project and can actually be a much bigger task than you had bargained for. 

Painting is a popular decorating project

Painting both the interior and exterior of your home can add value to your home, it will give it a fresh look and brighten the rooms.

It will also promote your indoor air quality, which is a great health benefit while keeping dust and dirt at bay.

New bath, sink, taps and toilets

For any kind of plumbing maintenance or installation, the team at Handyworks Solutions are here for you.

New toilets don’t just make your bathroom more welcoming, but are actually much better for the environment, with many new models reducing water usage.

Install a new bathroom

The bathroom is a very personal space, for yourself and for your guests. A new bath with free-flowing hot and cold water is a real comfort, buying a new one gives you the chance to make this space your own with a tub to match your needs or taste. 

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