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The Best Pinterest Pinners for DIY

Created: 01/05/2015

We’ve all been there: trying to think of a way to jazz up our homes, but not quite sure on the method or, more importantly, how it’s going to look afterwards. This can be a hugely frustrating situation and not reaching a decision could eventually result in wasting valuable time that you could be spending on your DIY. Thankfully, Pinterest has revolutionised the way we can plan DIY projects. Not only does it provide inspiration for what to do, in the majority of cases they also provide the method behind it and even how good it will look after you’ve finished.

If you’re new to the world of Pinterest, here’s our guide to some of the best pinners you should check out in your hunt for DIY ideas.

What is a Pinterest board?

If you are completely new to the exciting realm that is Pinterest and do not know what it is, it essentially acts as an online scrapbook where users can upload images and other media content. The content users upload are known as ‘pins’, and these can be collated by users into a collection of relatable pins; these collections are known as ‘boards’.

The Creek Line House: The BEST Dining Rooms

The dining room is among the most important rooms in the house. As it serves as the place where the family eats and shares stories about the day ahead or the one just gone, it’s integral that you have it looking perfect to ensure you can completely relax. This is where THE BEST: Dining Rooms board from The Creek Line House can be of perfect help, offering inspiration for every feature. It’s part of a series of ‘Best Boards’, looking to provide inspiration across the home – all of which you can see below.

Visit The Creek Line House's profile on Pinterest.

We were able to speak to Courtenay Hartford, founder of The Creek Line House, to find out what the inspiration was behind her fantastic range of Pinterest boards.  

“My inspiration behind creating my Pinterest boards was to have a place to collect all of my favourite ideas for renovating and decorating my farmhouse. Once I discovered all the great ideas that Pinterest has to offer, I added more boards for other areas of my life as well!”

-          Courtenay Hartford, The Creek Line House

We also asked her what her top tip is for people looking to improve their homes:

“My one tip for people looking to improve their homes is to try to keep a clear vision of what you want your home to look and feel like and remove all of the excess clutter and junk that's not in keeping with that vision.”

-          Courtenay Hartford, The Creek Line House

Mimi Jung- Home Improvement

If you’re thinking of something slightly outside the box, the ideas available on Mimi Jung’s Home Improvement blog are sure to help your imagination run wild. An interior designer and founder of Brook and Lyn, she’s a master of minimalism and cutting-edge design, and this is also represented through her Pinterest boards. Offering ideas for everything from stunning staircases to beautiful bedrooms, most listed are bigger than your average job and you would probably want to call in an expert handyman in South London to carry out the work with minimal stress.

Visit Mimi Jung's profile on Pinterest.

Bre Thurston – Home Improvements

Another example of home improvement inspiration comes from Bre Thurston and her Home Improvements Board, one that’s already being followed by almost 1,000 active users. Although her day job is as a wedding photographer in sunny California, it’s clear that she also has a good eye for home improvement. As well as providing ideas on ways to spruce up your home, there’s also plenty of ideas to transform your garden into a sanctuary of peace and relaxation.

Visit Bre Thurston's profile on Pinterest.

Lauren – Bless’er House Projects

An expert in the art of DIY on a budget, Lauren from Bless’er House has more than enough ideas to suit all types of homeowner – all of which can be found through her Bless-er’s House Projects board. From tips on how to transform cabinets with just a lick of paint to making a mock fireplace, all of the ideas listed are done so with budget in mind. By looking at the Bless’er House profile, you can see plenty of other boards that offer inspiration for other areas in the home.

Visit Lauren @ Bless'er House's profile on Pinterest.

Christine at Where the Smiles Have Been

Budget has become so important in the world of DIY in recent years; why would you pay a fortune for home improvements when they can be done at just a fraction of the price? This standpoint is the inspiration behind Upcycling: Trash into Treasure. An ingenious board created by Christine from Where the Smiles Have Been, there’s everything from clever ways to paint furniture and transforming old drawers into shelving units to even making old picture frames into whiteboards. There’s more than just one board relating to DIY on her profile, so be sure to have a good look below.

Visit Christine at Where The Smiles Have Been's profile on Pinterest.

Lynda@ Gates of Crystal

A serial ‘Pinterester’ if ever there was one, Lynda from Gates of Crystal has 135 boards and just shy of 26,000 pins on her profile. Of all the rooms on her profile – which you can see below – our favourite in terms of inspiration is Beautiful Rooms, something that everyone wants from their home. With hundreds of images of perfect rooms in terms of balance and furnishings, it’s exactly the inspiration you need to create your dream home. As already mentioned, there are plenty of other boards for you to check out, including French Country Chic, An English Country Home and even one simply on Home Improvements.

Visit Lynda @ Gates of Crystal's profile on Pinterest.

We hope these boards could provide all the inspiration you need for DIY jobs across the home. While you can certainly try out many of the ideas featured yourself, others could require the services of a plumber based in Dulwich, Bromley or other London boroughs – if this is you then get in touch!

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