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Bafflingly dangerous DIY acts revealed in new photos

Created: 11/09/2017

Danger sign showing person falling

A series of shocking new photographs have been published, revealing the extent to which some people are prepared to put themselves in danger just to complete the smallest of DIY tasks.

The photos, which can all be viewed in this Sun article, feature a range of unbelievable acts of ‘workmanship’, including – perhaps most ridiculously of all – a man changing a lightbulb above a swimming pool whilst standing on a miniature rocking horse, which itself is balanced on a ladder!

Plenty of other astonishing images are also included, such as a man precariously balancing on top of an internal door so that he can paint his ceiling, as well as someone using an angle grinder-like device with a plastic bag substituting for a protective mask.

Arguably the most bizarre image, however (although not strictly DIY-related), showed a group of people placing a huge trampoline on the roof terrace of a massive tower block. As the article noted, “hopefully this family has a large mattress they can put outside their building for the inevitable disaster about to happen”.

‘Hilarious and heart-stopping’

The images, which exclusively feature examples of male idiocy, are described in the article as possibly being a demonstration of “why women live longer” than men! The pictures are described by the article’s author, Emma Gritt, as sitting “somewhere in the grey area between ‘hilarious’ and ‘heart stopping’”, adding that “they’ll make you grateful for health and safety standards”.

It goes without saying that – whilst tasks such as changing lightbulbs and painting are usually fairly risk-free - all of these examples fall firmly under the ‘don’t try this at home’ category!

If you are in any doubt about whether that next DIY job you have lined up is entirely safe, don’t find out the hard way; simply call up an expert handyman professional in south east London to make sure you don’t end up like any of the enthusiastic amateurs discussed above.

Image Credit: Alexander Svensson

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