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Article calls for DIY to appeal to young market

Created: 11/08/2015

An online article has claimed that DIY must increase its appeal to a younger market, as the youthful consumer continues to struggle with common work around the home.

Hammer with Dowel Pins

With more people than ever moving into private housing, it’s important for DIY companies to appeal to an entirely different target market. While home improvements can be taken care of by handyman services in South London, smaller jobs around the home can easily be completed by those who understand basic skills.

The article, which was published in Retail Week and can be read by clicking here, explains that the age group with the highest level of DIY shoppers is 45-64 year olds. In contrast, the lowest level of interest was shown by consumers between 16-24 years old.

DIY remains strong interest of older, male consumer

Also supporting these findings is the most recent edition of the How Britain Shops Survey by Verdict Retail. With 12,000 shoppers included in the survey, it found that DIY remains strongly in the interest of the older male consumer – something that writer Duygu Hardman feels should change in the near future.

It’s thought that the reluctance of DIY tasks among the young consumer is down to the fact that so many are struggling to get onto the property ladder. With the amount of 25-34 year olds living in the private rental market increasing from 21 per cent in 2003/2004 to 48 per cent in 2013/2014, it suggests that the limits imposed by landlords could be a reason behind the lack of youngsters performing hands-on jobs in the home.

If you are good at DIY but have that one job that’s a little too big for you to handle, contact the trade professionals at Handywork Solutions today. As well as offering expert plumbing, carpentry and electrical work in Beckenham and other London boroughs, they’re also able to apply their skills to all manner of jobs around the home.

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