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8 Great videos to help with your home DIY

Created: 26/02/2015

For many DIY proves a constant thorn in the side, a task which people are reluctant to start to avoid getting into sticky situations. It’s not only a lack of skills which is a problem, there’s also the amount of time which goes into it. Some jobs take days on end to complete to a standard you are happy with, time that busy professionals simply do not have spare.

The team at Handywork Solutions understand your predicament; it’s why we’ve been offering your reliable handyman in London since 2003. If you are thinking about tackling the dreaded DIY for yourself, here are some of the best tip videos from the web that could help you along the way.

Removing sludge from your radiator

A problem which many people are not aware of, sludge can cause radiators to stay cooler in the middle or bottom and, as a result, your heating system is not as efficient as it could be. While it may be a tricky task for DIY novices, below is a handy video from Plumbing Parts, who easily explain the process.


Tiling your bathroom

Tiles are a common feature in bathrooms across the country, offering a wipe clean finish which is unlikely to stain whatever your throw it at. Together with grout they protect the wall against water, perhaps why it is such a popular choice. It’s renowned as a task which requires time and patience, and even the slightest mistake can result in a major problem. Here’s a great video from Tommy’s Trade Secrets.


Installing lino flooring

Another popular addition in a bathroom, as well as modern kitchens, is lino flooring, a great choice for people wanting a stylish room which can easily be kept clean. While it might seem like a case of rolling out the lino and waiting for it to dry, the amount of people who get it wrong tells a very different story. To make sure you don’t lose it with the lino, here’s a great guide courtesy of our friends at B&Q.


A spot of plastering

What’s the difference between a bumpy wall and a smooth surface? In most cases, it’s a nice coat of plaster. Plastering your walls may seem like a step too far for DIY beginners, but it’s something that everyone can do with a bit of practice. There are plenty of plastering guides on YouTube for you to check out, one of our favourites is this one from Philippa Tuttiett from The Home Channel.


Painting your kitchen cabinets

Among the most common jobs in the home, painting your cabinets can completely transform your kitchen through what is minimal work. While you may think it’s an easy job, it can go very wrong if you don’t take your time. If you’re looking for some help, check out this great guide courtesy of WithHeart


Putting up shelving

Because not everything can sit on the floor, shelving can be used to great affect for those who want to organise and create a clutter-free room. However, should the shelving unit not be attached properly or isn’t straight, it’s likely it won’t serve as a good shelf and things may fall down. For a helping hand here’s a video by DIY for Knuckleheads. While he uses his shelf for his beers, you can use yours for whatever you like.


Wallpapering a bedroom

Wallpapering is a completely different task to painting, one considered to be far more laborious and far easier to get wrong. From overlapping paper to trapped air holes, the list of potential errors is endless and it’s for this reason why so many would rather call in a handyman based in South London to take up the job for them. Fortunately, Woodie’s DIY have offered produced this fantastic guide.


Fitting a door handle

We leave the hardest job of the list to last, and one which you will need to consider if you’ve just bought a new door. Requiring precision, steady hands and good judgement, installing a door mechanism is particularly difficult but, like most DIY tasks, can be achieved through practice. For this demonstration, we’ve called upon out friends at Tommy’s Trade Secrets once again.


If you would rather leave these jobs to the professionals, the experts here at Handywork Solutions are more than happy to take them on. Offering electrical, carpentry and plumbing services in Beckenham and other areas in South London, they are more than capable of tackling all manner of tasks around the home. Why not call us today to find out how we can rectify all your domestic dilemmas? 

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