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4 Ways to Add Privacy to Your Garden

Created: 20/03/2017

“A man’s home is his castle” -- or so the old saying goes. A person’s domain is their place to relax, have fun, raise a family, and to just generally enjoy life. Homes do indeed come in all shapes and sizes, as do those that dwell inside them.

Garden gate

We all have different ideas of what the ideal home is, and we all have different styles as it pertains to our gardens. What we can all probably agree on however, is our pursuit of privacy, and how to make sure that when we are enjoying our properties, we are doing so in seclusion, in an environment that is ours and away from the outside world.

So with that being said, perhaps it’s prudent that we look at means to acquire this much desired privacy. It can be done in numerous ways – here are four of them.

Raised flower beds and growing your garden

Raised flower beds

A wonderful and organic way to provide privacy to your home and garden is through the raising of flower beds. You can really do wonders by just mounding the soil high enough which will therefore elevate your plants height. Through tactics like this, and planting new plants and even trees in applicable areas, one can really add that feeling of seclusion you are looking for.

We spoke to the gardening blog, The Middle-Sized Garden, about this very topic who also recommend the planting of trees among other tactics.

“Work out exactly where you want the privacy, especially if your garden is small. Very few gardens will ever be completely private in towns, or even villages. But you can always create a private seating area under a pergola or behind a low screen. Or you can plant one beautiful tree directly in line with an over-looking window. Keep trees well pruned, and choose one that suits your soil and position”.

This is fantastic advice from The Middle-Sized Garden and following this guidance should help to ensure that private space you’ve been wanting.

Fences and walls

Garden fence

“To make your garden a little bit cozier and relaxed, privacy is key. Although you are outside, you still do not want to have prying eyes scanning your personal space. Because let's face it, our garden, terrace, patio, and balcony are part of our home” – Camila Boschiero of

Perhaps the most obvious option but no less effective; in appropriate gardens a simple fence can really provide that protection you need. These can be serious undertakings however, so just make sure to get your local handyman service involved to get the job done right. If you are worried about closing off your garden too much, using something like lattice is a great option, both financially and in their private but unobtrusive nature.

Camila Boschiero from – an online platform for home improvement – spoke to us about using such manmade objects to create privacy, after suggesting first to “get to know your neighbour... this way, the next time you are faced with them looking in, you can wave back in a less awkward manner”. This is of course advised but sometimes, as Camila explains, extra methods are needed.

“Depending on your layout, something more drastic, time consuming and a tad more expensive might need doing, so our last solution is to block them out with man-made items, pergola, screen, fences, you name it, anything that will fit that space. It is always important to be able to relax at home and share that space with the people you love, so do what you can to enjoy that amazing outdoors/indoors space”.

Giant containers

giant container

The introduction of giant plant containers can be a truly marvellous and visually dynamic way of adding privacy to your garden. Big pots and containers dotted around certain spots in your property can not only serve a function of added privacy but also by providing home to some fantastic plant life. Constructing something of this nature can really provide a totally different look to your premises while serving your requested needs.

Fountains to mask noise


Of course providing added privacy to your garden doesn’t have to come in terms of the visual. In close communities, the comfort of knowing your private garden conversations stay as just that is important. This can be done with something like a fountain. By installing a beautiful and interesting piece of architecture you can not only add a new, dynamic feature to your garden, but provide privacy to you and your family with the tranquil sound of flowing water. An added bonus is insulating you and yours from any annoying traffic noises that might be permeating the premises. 

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