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3 Incredibly Expensive Home Improvements

Created: 19/04/2017

Home improvements come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small, and can be done without breaking the bank; some on the other hand are of such a size and extravagance, that you’d have to be on par with Scrooge McDuck to stay above the red.

Take the below for example; three of the world’s most expensive home improvements and renovations.

Medina mansion

Expensive home improvements

Back in 2010, the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, renovated his already beautiful property on Lake Washington from 13,200 square feet to a gigantic 29,000 square feet. Taking a period of two years to complete, this endeavour of sheer affluence cost Bezos a cool $28 million. On the plus side, he does now have a party house and caretaker’s cottage.

Spelling Manor

Spelling Manor

James and Petra Stunt, two billionaires from the UK -- he a gaming and mining businessman, and she the heiress of Bernie Ecclestone’s fortune – purchased Spelling Manor in LA for $85 million. But apparently it wasn’t quite right upon purchase as they then forked out another $20 million to renovate their new home. Getting rid of rooms meant for a doll collection, the two fitted a spa, beauty salon, and massage parlour in its place. The whole thing only took three months! But they did have 500 workers to hand – no match for a London handyman service mind you.

Howard Stern’s Palm Beach Mansion

Palm Beach

In 2014, radio star Howard Stern decided to improve upon his Palm Beach mansion to the tune of $10 million dollars. And while this doesn’t match the fees of the other efforts above, the fact that this was all spent on creating a bigger closet for his wife, and that a whole new staircase was built just to reach it, makes this home improvement project worthy of note.


Image Credit: Curbed Seattle  Atwater Village Newbie   

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