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1970s voted worst decade for home decor

Created: 14/04/2016

The orange patterned tiles, burgundy and yellow wallpaper, and eye-popping geometric shapes of the ‘70s have contributed to the decade being the worst in home décor styles.

The bold, psychedelic designs were the most hated by those voting in the survey conducted by Nationwide Credit Cards, with 2,000 adults taking part.

Coming in at second place with 16 per cent of the votes were the 1980s with artex ceilings, yellow and pink florals, and frilly blinds. 

As well as considering the worst in home décor, the participants also voted on current home improvement and DIY jobs.

According to the study, although Brits have an idea of what their dream home would look like, only a third of them would attempt to do the DIY themselves, making way for handyman services in London and the rest of the UK to take on the work instead.

Compared with the three per cent of women who claimed they would tackle DIY home jobs themselves, one in ten men would take on the project regardless of the size and cost of the task.

Nationwide’s head of policy for mortgages and savings, Andrew Baddeley-Chappell, told the Mirror: “According to recent Nationwide’s figures, a 10% increase in floor area brings an average 5% increase in property value, the equivalent of £10,000 for the average property.

“However, people also feel it is important to regularly refresh the appearance of their homes to make it their own – or to reflect their changing needs.”

Votes were spread throughout the decades as follows:

·         1960s – Big lights and bold patterns on walls and floors – 12 %

·         1970s – Avocado bathrooms, tartan and orange upholstery, woodchip wallpaper and shagpile carpets – 43%

·         1980s – Artex ceilings, yellow and pink florals, frilly blinds – 16%

·         1990s – Farmhouse kitchens, rag-rolling and minimalism – 3%

·         2000s – Shabby chic furniture and clean lines – 6%

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