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‘Smart bricks’ to revolutionise the construction industry

Created: 06/09/2016


A team of scientists at the University of West England (UWE) in Bristol have partnered on a design led by Newcastle University called the European ‘Living Architecture’ (LIAR) project.

New ‘Smart Bricks’ are being tested and developed for the construction industry, which will be able to recycle wastewater and generate electricity from sunlight, creating a ‘bioreactor wall’ in buildings and homes.

The projects aim is to combine living architecture, computing and engineering to tackle the current global sustainability and climate change issues.

Speaking to Builder and Engineer, Professor Andrew Adamatzky, LIAR project director at UWE Bristol, commented: “The technologies we are developing aim to transform the places we work enabling us to co-live with the building.

“A building made from bio-reactors will become a large-scale living organism that addresses all environmental and energy needs of the occupants.”

The bricks will be filled with microbial cells and algae which will self-adapt and evolve to changing conditions in the environment and monitor the behaviour of air flow and the number of occupants in the building.

The cells, also known as Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs) also contain unique organisms to facilitate clean water, produce electricity and accommodate suitable living and working conditions for the occupants within the building.

Andrew Adamatzky continues: “Walls in buildings comprised of smart brick containing bioreactors will integrate massive-parallel computing processors where millions of living creatures sense the occupants in the building and the internal and external needs of the occupants.

“Each smart brick is an electrical analogous computer. A building made of such bricks will be a massive-parallel computing processor.”

As the development of the building and construction industry expands and grows, scientists are always finding ways to make housing and offices more environmentally friendly and efficient. Those who are looking to champion a more eco-friendly living or working space with the use of modern technology should get the advice from a south east London handyman who can provide you with expert knowledge for a more up-to-date lifestyle. 

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