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Saving money can be difficult so we’re taking you on a tour of a money efficient home. Discover our tips and tricks on how to save the pennies in each room of the house!


Whether you have a dedicated utility room or a simple cupboard to house your washing machine and cleaning supplies, our article will give you some ideas to help inspire you to create a fresh and clutter-free space.

Folded laundry

Winter may have only just set in, but it won’t be long before the spring months start to creep up on us, and that means preparing your house for the warmer climates to return.

White dining room

A popular time for new choices in your life, January is the month where everyone tells themselves ‘new year, new me’, so why not give your home a bit of a reboot too, and we don’t mean just a lick of paint.


If you live with small children, it can sometimes seem as though every room in your house is overrun with toys. From discarded dolls and trails of train tracks to colourful crayons and piles of paper, it can feel as though there isn’t a clean surface in sight.


The current housing market is extremely competitive, with more people searching for their dream home than ever before. When it comes to deciding what features you would love your future house to have, a garage is at the top of the list for many.

A house with a garage

With the warm weather coming to an end and dark skies welcoming us as we wake up, it’s easy to see that autumn is upon us.


Whether you’ve bought our own home or are renting, for most of us, having a home that looks like something straight out of a show home brochure would be a dream. So how can you give your home those extra touches of splendour without breaking the bank?

front door of house with flowers

Having trouble making the most of a small room in your home? We’ve put together some useful tricks to help your room feel less cramped, and give the illusion of spaciousness and depth that expert handyman services would advise.


Who doesn’t love a bit of home DIY? It’s low cost, gives you a sense of pride and all that hard work can be a great full-body workout! But the thought of doing DIY after the longest week ever at work? When you have kids?